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5 Brands on TikTok That You Need to Follow

Looking for some TikTok inspo? We're sharing our favorite brands on TikTok, their content strategies, how they get the best results and why you need to follow them.

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Let's talk about brand accounts on TikTok: the good, the bad and the cheugy. We'd like you to consider this a safe space for learning and applying these techniques to your own marketing efforts. 

So let's get into it: here are five brands we love following on TikTok.

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#1: Duolingo

First up, and I think you all knew this was coming: Duolingo. Some might describe Duolingo's TikTok tactics as unhinged, but the brand has really pioneered the "employee going rogue" tactic. But they actually didn't start with that strategy right off the bat. They experimented with different content, like tutorials, and posted about 40 videos before they had a viral hit and really leaned into that content strategy. And being one of the first brands to let their employees have such creative control over their channel, their approach was picked up by big publications, further fueling their virality.

If you're running a brand TikTok account, here's what you should take note of. They're quick to hop on trending audio, but they typically add a clever spin that either relates back to their product or pokes fun at their brand personality, making their audio constantly feel as if they're in on the joke with them. And while you've probably seen some brands trying to recreate the magic of their wacky mascot on their TikTok videos, this chaotic approach simply won't work for most brands. Originality is key on TikTok, and audiences are savvy enough to see through a cheap copycat strategy.

Instead, think about how you can make your audience on TikTok feel like an insider. Whether that's having a familiar face on your account, giving creative sneak peeks into a new product release, or just focusing on relatable struggles your target audience has.

#2: Food52

Gorgeous, gorgeous foodies love following Food52 on TikTok. From a marketing perspective, we especially love watching how they spin the same piece of content for TikTok versus Reels. 

They save showing off their regular step-by-step recipes for Instagram Reels because they know their Instagram followers will save that content and spend more time on it. But over on TikTok, they know things move a lot more quickly, so they're showing off recipes by tapping into quick trends and getting straight to those epic shots, followed by a clear CTA to find the full recipe linked in their bio.

They're also one to watch when it comes to creator collaborations that feel pretty natural. It's clear the brand is giving them enough creative freedom to be able to stay true to what makes their own content unique, so the partnerships feel way more organic to watch. So, take their cue and make sure your social strategy is platform-specific. You can and should repurpose the same piece of content, but find unique ways to do it. And if you're thinking about collaborating with other brands with your TikTok content, don't be afraid to let go and just have a bit of fun. Polished, sales-forward content just won't perform as well on TikTok.

#3: Ryanair

Now it's time to buckle up for a lesson in Gen-Z and Millennial marketing with Ryanair. It's a bold approach to regularly incorporate company complaints into a social content strategy, but Ryanair does it while also making their audience laugh. From poking fun at their extra hidden fees to the lack of locations the airline flies to, they're using their content to showcase they're self-aware as a brand by saying exactly what their customers are thinking: the good and the bad.

Gen Z and Millennials prefer brand transparency and crave personal connection. So let your TikTok be a channel to get a little more up close and personal with your customers by letting them know that you have a pulse on customer feedback.

#4: Innocent Drinks

Next up is a UK-based brand called Innocent Drinks. They almost exclusively use the Green Screen and Eyes and Mouth effects for their videos, which is a great hack if you're not ready to have someone be the face of your brand account. But even without a singular face attached to their brand, by centring their content around the social team creating TikToks or getting into corporate shenanigans, they add a level of humanity to the brand that might not have been there otherwise.

So don't be afraid to get a little meta with your behind-the-scenes approach, especially if you're new and fumbling your way through trying to create relevant content on TikTok. Audiences would much rather see content that is real or funny on TikTok than something with a high production value. Save that for YouTube, okay?

#5: The Washington Post

And last but obviously not least, we have The Washington Post. They found a way to deliver the news that actually feels fun to watch, posting an impressive three times per day. Their account has grown to 1.2 million followers by covering the latest news stories through creative short-form video. 

But you're probably thinking, "Okay, what can I learn from a newspaper TikTok?" And while their content is obviously niche to the newsroom that day, they're crushing it at creative storytelling. And if they can report on tech news through an audio clip from The Parent Trap, you can definitely find a way to tell your brand's product story on TikTok, too.

Start by having a clear idea of the specific message you want to convey to your audience. That way, it'll be easy for you to hop on audio trends you hear and apply it to your own brand. And the quicker you find your rhythm, the easier it'll be to increase your posting frequency, which is vital for growing your followers.

And there you have it: five accounts worth following on TikTok, besides Later's, of course. Want us to do a part two or do a deeper dive into a specific TikTok strategy? Drop us your suggestions in the comments, and we'll see you later. Bye.

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