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Find your best time to post on Instagram

Later learns when your Instagram followers are most engaged and gives you scheduling suggestions that are unique to your audience. See your best posting times and schedule your content on Instagram — all in one place.

An image of 4 young people on a computer is scheduled on Instagram using the Later Best Time to Post tool
An image of 4 young people on a computer is scheduled on Instagram using the Later Best Time to Post tool


More reach, less guesswork

No number crunching here! Later analyzes 6 months' worth of Instagram profile data, then highlights your unique best time to post on the calendar.

An Instagram carousel post, including an image of 4 people on a computer, is scheduled at the best time to post of 6 PM
  1. 1

    Enable Best Time to Post

    Connect your Instagram business or creator profile to Later, then enable Best Time To Post. At the top of the Calendar, select the Instagram profile you’d like to enable Best Time to Post for.

  2. 2

    Open calendar settings

    Click the gear icon at the top right of the ‘Calendar’ to open ‘Calendar Settings’. We give you up to 7 recurring weekly time slots when your followers are most engaged. They’ll appear on your Calendar for easy scheduling.

  3. 3

    Apply best posting times

    Under Best Time to Post for Instagram, if it’s your first time enabling, click ‘Generate Best Times to Post’. When your best posting times have been found, toggle on the feature to have them applied to your Calendar then refresh.

  4. 4

    Start scheduling

    Once you know your ideal posting times, you can schedule content by dragging and dropping media into the optimal time slots. The more you post, the smarter Later gets!


Post at the right time & watch your engagement soar

Backed by data, Later calculates your unique best posting time to help you reach your audience when they’re the most engaged.

B Studio uses Later to auto publish 1 Instagram reel, 1 carousel post, and a TikTok at their best times to post


Schedule your posts at the perfect time

Create a posting schedule that does the work for you. Just schedule during your best time slots and let Later’s Auto Publish tool do the rest, no notifications required.

Later Instagram Analytics is used to analyze follower demographics, post performance and engagement rate


Go beyond your best time with Analytics

Get detailed Analytics insights like engagement rate, best-performing posts, and demographic data to make content your followers love.

B Studio schedules 2 TikToks at their personal Best Times to Post in Later


Beat the TikTok algorithm with personalized data

Get ahead of the clock with Later for TikTok! Later calculates your Best Time to Post based on when your community is online so you’ll reach more people right away.


How Best Time to Post helps Later users

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“We love using Later because not only does it allow us to visually see our images laid out on a calendar week by week, but it shows us the best time to post. We wouldn't go anywhere else to schedule and curate our social media - biggest fans of the Later team and the technology they've created!”

Megan White

Brand Marketing Associate - Artifact Uprising

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  • Later’s Best Time to Post tool combines data from audience engagement across Instagram and TikTok as well as your followers to give you recommendations on the best days and times to post that are completely unique to you. The more you post, the better recommendations you’ll get.

  • Enabling Best Time To Post must be done on desktop first. We recommend setting your best times to post as Quick Schedule times—that way you can schedule your best times to post in the mobile Later app.

Post at the right time, every time

Try Later’s Best Time to Post tool today.