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Curate your grid with Later’s Instagram feed planner

Find the perfect vibe for your feed with the Visual Planner tool! Create and preview posts before you schedule & rearrange your grid exactly how you want it.

Instagram user B Studio uses Laters Instagram feed planner to visualize and rearrange Reels and photos before posting
Instagram user B Studio uses Laters Instagram feed planner to visualize and rearrange Reels and photos before posting


Plan and preview all of your Instagram content in one spot

Use Later’s Visual Planner to create, edit, and preview your Instagram feed — then schedule your posts to publish whenever you want.

B Studio uses Later to visually plan their Instagram feed while planning and scheduling posts on 5 other social platforms
  1. 1

    Easily plan your content calendar

    Schedule your posts by dropping photos and videos onto the calendar. Need a look at what’s coming up? Toggle between monthly and weekly views.

  2. 2

    Curate your aesthetic

    See your profile the way your followers will. Arrange your upcoming scheduled posts with a drag-and-drop to find the perfect look for your feed.

  3. 3

    Schedule all your posts

    Why stop at single images? Later helps you plan all kinds of Instagram posts — including videos, carousels, Reels, and Stories - in our Instagram feed planner.

  4. 4

    Bulk-schedule posts in seconds

    Just drag and drop your media to the top of your calendar to bulk-schedule multiple posts at once!

  5. 5

    Multi-profile planning & scheduling

    Schedule the same post for multiple social platforms at the same time and customize the post for each channel.


Everything you need to save time & stay organized

From content calendar planning to unlimited media storage, Later’s Visual Planner has all the tools you need to crush your Instagram game.

B Studio uses Later as a content calendar to plan and auto publish Reels and feed posts months in advance


Plan a day, a week, or months ahead

Why use multiple apps to plan your social media content? Do it all with Later! Create, edit, and schedule posts and plan your entire social content calendar all in the Later app.

B Studio drags and drops posts in the Later Visual Planner to plan their Instagram Grid


Rearrange your Instagram for the right vibe

Want to curate your Instagram feed? No problem! Use Later to preview & rearrange posts so your grid always suits your brand aesthetic.

Use Later’s media library to find, save and edit images and videos to post on all of your social media feeds


Keep all of your media in one app

Get unlimited photo & video storage, plus editing tools, built right into the Later app. Upload all your photos, videos, and user-generated content to your Media Library, and have them easily accessible on any device.


Why people love Later’s Visual Planner

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“My favorite thing about using Later is how intuitive and visual the platform is. Maintaining a consistent feed for HIPPEAS was our top priority and Later’s grid preview was exactly what we needed to organize our content. Our marketing team is spread across the US and UK, so having Later really helped us all stay connected.”

Bella Ly


Social Media Manager, HIPPEAS Snacks

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